Trent Reznor and Jane’s Addiction Drop Free EP

It turns out Trent Reznor has been up to a lot more than mocking Chris Cornell on Twitter: The Nine Inch Nails frontman dropped a surprise 6-song ep today, featuring 2 new Reznor-produced songs from NIN, Jane’s Addiction and Tom Morello’s new group Street Sweeper. To download the album NIN|JA in lots of different formats, click here.

The two Jane’s Addiction songs on the album, “Chip Away” and “Whores,” are new recordings, but they did already appear on the band’s live album back in 1987. The new Nine Inch Nails tracks are called “Not So Pretty Now” and “Non-Enity.” A free EP is certainly a great way for the three acts to promote their forthcoming summer tour together. Click here for tour dates of the bands featured on NIN|JA.