Warner Exec Unwittingly Starts WarnerFail Meme

With one little cranky tweet, Warner Music Norway A&R man Terje Pedersen has started a “warnerfail” hashtag trend on Twitter. Blogger Thomas Moen translated the spat between Pedersen and a student named Even, who tweeted his frustration with not being able to purchase the new Dave Matthews Band album on iTunes in Norway.

“I’m pissed!” Even tweeted. “iTunes is only allowing downloads of the new Dave Matthews Band album if you live in the US! And they complain about pirating.”

Pederson stumbled on the post and couldn’t let it pass without comment: “Then I suggest you steal it and write about the process in your stupid brat blog,” he fired back. “We don’t want you to get upset.”

His tweet has been deleted, of course, but Moen’s got the screenshots here and the twitterverse has climbed aboard for a hashtag Warner bash. Enjoy!