Jack White: Dead Weather Use James Bond Equipment

Jack White James BondEver since Jack White founded Third Man Upholstery, he has paid attention to ever little detail of his ventures. So when he was tapped to record the theme song to the last James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, it was no different. In a podcast interview with Music Radar’s Joe Bosso, White revealed that he had guitars and a custom drum kit built for the session and planned tour, but now his new band, The Dead Weather, have inherited the equipment.

“That’s a Ludwig kit that I custom made for my studio and for the James Bond project,” White said. “Actually, the whole band are using James Bond equipment. All the guitars I had made for a live band. We were going to go out and play, Alicia and I, together and do some television and go play some shows, but I hurt… I slipped a disc in my neck and I had to cancel everything. So when those guys came to record, I just had all that equipment and we all just started using all this James Bond equipment and we’re still using it.”

White goes on to explain how he worked closely with Ludwig to craft his unusual drum kit, including a giant 16” snare drum.* To download this excellent interview, which includes talk on the future of the White Stripes, White’s advice to bands starting out, and info about his new Third Man Records business, click here.