Trent Reznor Engaged to Singer Mariqueen Maandig

We didn’t plan on being rock’s wedding announcement site today, but we’ve caught wind of another engagement in the music world this weekend: Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor is set to marry Mariqueen Maandig, singer for the band West Indian Girl. A news post on the band’s official site reads: “q’s an awesome person, friend and bandmate and she couldnt be marrying a cooler guy. talk about analog and digital love – their kids might all have moogs for arms.”

The couple went public with their relationship only a few days ago on the red carpet of the Star Trek premiere. Maandig, aka Q, recently posed for Playboy, telling the mag about her onstage sex appeal, “People have asked me to tone it down. I’m not ashamed of my body, and I certainly won’t dress to hide it. My whole family is built this way, with tiny waists. We were corseted by God.”

See, Trent just wanted to get a little “closer to God.”