Jimmy Page and Jack White Prefer Guitars to Women

Reports have been filing in about a press conference held by Jack White and Jimmy Page in promotion of the documentary It Might Get Loud (watch trailer) at the LA Film Festival last weekend and I’m wishing I had made the jaunt. The pair dissed Guitar Hero, bromanced a bit, and made some strange comparisons between their guitars and women.

The Guitar Hero bit was probably the best. Jack White said it’s “sad” and “depressing” that kids require a video game to get interested in music. Page, however, completely dismissed the game as a training tool, NME reports, citing John Bonham’s drum parts in “Good Times Bad Times” and adding, “How many drummers in the world can play that part, let alone on Christmas morning?”

In one exchange transcribed by LA Weekly, Page and White compare their guitars to women: “I’ve said that it’s shaped like a woman, you know,” Page said. “You can touch it and caress it. The thing I haven’t said, that I’ll tell you now is: it doesn’t ask you for alimony!”

Jack’s response is pretty funny because it kind of gives you a window into how his intense energy plays out in his personal life: “I think if you picked up a girl as much as you picked up a guitar every day, they might get annoyed. The guitar doesn’t say, hey, get off of me, ya know?”