Ryan Adams to Relaunch Vinyl Label?

Lee Martin, a web developer who has been working behind the scenes on Beck’s recent flurry of web activity and a Ryan Adams YouTube/web collaborator, may have leaked some of Adams’ future plans on Twitter. “1st project of the day: Lay out @ryanada_ms vinyl label art,” Martin tweeted, followed by a photo of the Pax Americana Record Company label art and caption, “from Ryan’s sketch to Illustrator.”

Pax Americana was actually started by Adams while he was still signed to Lost Highway as a way to release home 4-tracked versions of songs, including California, a double 7” with 4 songs not found in his major label catalogue. After a few initial releases, the Pax-Am label went silent (aside from t-shirts), but now Adams’ contract with Lost Highway has ended and it looks like the singer/songwriter is taking a “step back” into music, resurrecting one of his ambitious plans from his tumultuous 20s. Inspired by Jack White’s recent ventures, n’est-ce pas?

For now, we don’t have official confirmation on the relaunch of Pax-Am and Adams’ site mysteriously reads, “building something… brb,” but we’ll just hang out reading his new poetry books until they’re ready to make the official announcement.