U.S. Government and New York State Love Trent Reznor

We posted a while back about Nine Inch Nails’s Trent Reznor’s efforts to help Eric De La Cruz, a Nevada man who is uninsured and desperately in need of a heart transplant (background here). Reznor sent out a call, and fans answered in droves, raising nearly $900,000 toward De La Cruz’s medical expenses.

In response to his efforts, Reznor has been presented with “proclamations from the US House of Representatives (three Congressmen in total), the US Senate, the NYS Governor, the NYS Senate, the NYS Comptroller and the Suffolk County Legislature,” according to an email sent to theninhotline.com from fan Mike Caplice.

Caplice’s email continues: “These proclamations were in honor of the generous work done by Trent and the entire NIN Community to help #Eric. You can see a picture of the presentation as well as pictures of the procs/citations themselves at my twitpic account.

“I wanted the entire NIN community to see that their efforts have been recognized by all levels of government. I’m an 18-year fan of the band who has two parents with cancer, and have seen just how flawed the US Healthcare system is. I thought this was a really special moment for all of us who have seen the band and the community evolve over the years into a really positive and powerful force.”

Click here for a video of Caplice surprising Reznor with the proclamations at a New York NIN concert, and click here for updates on De La Cruz’s progress.