Flaming Lips Songs Requested for Next ‘Wild Things’ Trailer

It looks like we’ve found the perfect mediator for Wayne Coyne and Win Butler: Spike Jonze. Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” practically stole the show in Jonze’s first Where The Wild Things Are trailer and now it looks as though the director/Karen O ex wants Butler’s recent detractor’s songs for the next epic film preview spot. Pedestrian.tv got the scoop on this one in an interview with the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne.

“They could be asking for a thousand songs and they’ll try it out on an audience and see which one works,” Coyne told Pedestrian after they overheard his manager whisper this paraphrased question: “Hey Wayne, the guys making Where the Wild Things Are want to use a Flaming Lips song for their next trailer, they want to use either “Do You Realise??” or the “Yeah Yeah Yeah Song”?

Coyne admitted that Oklahoma’s official state song “Do You Realise??” would be his choice for the project, but added that Jonze and Dave Eggers could really take their pick.

Now if Maurice Sendak would get Arcade Fire and the Flaming Lips to do a diplomatic double bill this thing could really be a tearjerker.