Iggy Pop Re-Records “The Passenger” Via Skype for Broadband Ad

Iggy Pop is a very busy Godfather of Punk these days (he’s plotting the next Stooges tour with Raw Power guitarist James Williamson, pondering a return to the studio, enjoying his “Living Legend” award, etc.), but when an opportunity to jam with a couple amateur musicians from New Zealand without leaving his Miami, FL digs landed on his plate, Iggy promptly removed his shirt and got to work. There’s no question that Pop took this gig for the cash, but—like with all of his endorsement deals—he brought plenty enough WTFery to keep things interesting.

3 News reports that New Zealand-based broadband company Orcon invited musicians to post video auditions for a one-off re-recording of Lust for Life (and Lego Rock Band) track “The Passenger” via Skype. Out of the 200 submissions, 8 musicians were chosen, including a physicist/guitarist and the odd choice of a flutist. As you would imagine, the results are a bit strange, not to mention the addition of a flute pretty much turns everything into a Jethro Tull song.

Watch Iggy work with the musicians (he asks a guitar player to strip down to his underwear) here and watch the final performance hereor embedded below: