Leonard Cohen Unveils New Song (New Album in 2010?)

You may have thought that Leonard Cohen’s world tour had ended after his onstage collapse and brief trip to the hospital in Spain recently, but not only has the poet/singer/legend hopped back into the spotlight, he’s also unveiling a few new songs that will possibly appear on an upcoming album.

In Chicago last week, Cohen performed his second new tune since the tour’s start and we’ve got a great quality video here or embedded below to prove it (via The Music Slut). Cohen didn’t supply a title or any info about it beyond cryptically referring to this instant classic as “the other blues song.”

Now would one of the greatest songwriters of all time simply tease us with a live version of this brilliant gem? Has he gone all Sufjan on us? According to an upcoming book on Cohen, we may actually be getting a preview from an album that’s in the works for a 2010 release.

American Songwriter’s Kevin Richards writes that forthcoming Cohen biography Hallelujah “reveals details about fresh songs that will purportedly be part of a new studio album, to be released next year.” What’s more, the press release states that Cohen’s new material is “currently being recorded alongside more live performances.”

Is it too soon to call for an Arcade Fire/Leonard Cohen tour next year?