My Morning Jacket to Star in American Dad Episode

The Simpsons may have landed a Coldplay guest spot for their forthcoming 20th anniversary episode, but Seth MacFarlane’s American Dad! is going a much more indie route for their next musician cameo show. In upcoming episode “My Morning Straitjacket,” lead character Stan Smith will become an obsessed groupie of My Morning Jacket.

Not only that, but, as Stewie’s Playground reports, Jim James and the rest of the band will be supplying their own voices for the animated show, which is scheduled for Nov. 22.

Sure, My Morning Jacket appeared in the (awful) film Elizabethtown and Jim James had a brief turn in that strange Bob Dylan-inspired flick I’m Not there, but this is the first time they’ve gotten the animated treatment. And by the looks of the few leaked images, plenty of lulz should be had by all.

Check out Stan and Jim James being carried by owls, while winged, naked Patrick Hallahan, Bo Koster, Carl Broemel, and Two Tone Tommy fly around using their instruments as proverbial fig leaves above, or go here for more.