Watch: Ben Gibbard & Jay Farrar Cover Tom Waits

Jay Farrar recently hammered yet another nail in the Uncle Tupelo coffin in a Q&A with Metromix Greenville, saying, “I don’t ever want to see [an Uncle Tupelo reunion] happen, and I don’t think even what Perry Ferrell suggests will make it happen.” What Perry Ferrell had suggested was that a Jane’s Addiction reunion would happen “when the sky rains money.” So the bad news is that money can’t buy a Jeff Tweedy/Farrar reunion, but the good news is that his Kerouac-inspired collaboration with Ben Gibbard makes a pretty good replacement in the interim.

The pair enlisted Nick Harmer, Mark Spencer, and Jon Wurster for a 6-night jaunt through a few major U.S. cities and they even branched out a bit from their album One Fast Move or I’m Gone. Watch here or embedded below as Gibbard and Farrar perform a duet version of Tom Waits’ Closing Time classic “Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards).”

Don’t these guys look like they could be brothers?