Billy Corgan Reveals (Tentative) Title, Publisher of His Spiritual Memoir

Billy CorganWhenever news gets slow, all one has to do is mosey on over to Billy Corgan’s spiritual blog and Jessica Simpson’s alleged new boyfriend brings the goods. We knew that Corgan has two book projects on the way, but details were scarce, aside from that bit about one of them being a collaboration with French über SP fan/writer Claire Fercak. Would it be another volume of poetry? Or a Smashing Pumpkins tell-all, a la Mötley Crüe’s (haha more umlauts) The Dirt?

The book, which is tentatively titled God Is Everywhere from Here to There (it was named that before Corgan’s blog “Everything From Here To There,” he insists) will be published by St. Martin’s Press. “I can say I am thrilled to be working with them,” writes Corgan in a post called “Christmas Memories.” “The book is going to be a spiritual memoir about how this boy named William came to find God, or, vice versa, how God came to find William.”

Ever wonder how the short-lived puppet show “Gothageddon” came to be? Questions like that will perhaps be answered. “If you have ever wondered how I came to be so mercurial, reactionary, silly, or spiritually open,” Corgan continues, “then this book will provide insight into that.”

[Insert “Jessica Simpson is dumb” joke here]