Grizzly Bear Write Music for New Ryan Gosling Film ‘Blue Valentine’

They might be busy doing shots with Jay-Z, contributing songs to this year’s biggest blockbuster, and making Trent Reznor “feel irrelevant,” but nobody will be accusing Grizzly Bear of dipping too far into the mainstream with this indie-friendly project in tow. According to the Sundance Film Festival’s description (via Playlist), actor/Dead Man’s Bones frontman Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams’ upcoming romantic drama Blue Valentine features music composed by Brooklyn’s own Grizzly Bear.

Sundance’s page is not specific as to the band’s role, listing their contribution as simply “Music,” but being that the band are the only artists listed, we can safely presume that they have written the score to director Derek Cianfrance’s film. What’s more, Grizzly Bear’s resume, as provided by their agents online, credits the band as “composers” for the feature film.

Perhaps Animal Collective will give them a ride to the airport.