Link Bits: Sonic Youth Live DVD, The Boss Speaks Out, Tom Waits Yearbook & More

Here are a few of today’s bookmarked links worth noting…

  • Tomorrow’s big story: Sonic Youth are planning to release a live DVD of their Daydream Nation tour, a film soundtrack, and to start recording LP17. Boom.
  • New Jersey’s own Bruce Springsteen came out in support of a gay marriage bill that the state Senate will vote on today. Bruuuuuuce.
  • The United Nations Climate Change Summit kicked off in Copenhagen this week and—though picking Bob Dylan’s “Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” as an unofficial anthem was a nice touch—Antony has been writing to government reps with hopes to serenade delegates with “Another World” as well. mhmmm.
  • Long before he was a raspy crooner, a full moon howler, the Devil, or a possible Hobbit, Tom Waits was just a clean-cut, proud member of the Art Guild (via Eyeball Kid).
  • Pirate Wars: A growing conglomerate of musicians are suing the (alleged!) $6 billion pants off the Big Four.