Listen: Will Oldham, Angie Hart Sing “Little Bridges”

Angie HartThe best way to sing a duet with Will Oldham, aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy (aka the dude I get crazy creative nightmares about meeting), is to take the lead, I say. For example, my favorite vocal collaboration of the lot from the Palace Brother was on last year’s turn of the (20th) century covers EP Among the Gold, in which Oldham traded off vox with Louisville, KY-based singer Cheyenne Mize. That was, of course, until the day this post was scribbled out…

Oldham recently accompanied Aussie pop singer (and Joss Whedon collaborator?) Angie Hart on the gorgeous track “Little Bridges” from her solo album Eat My Shadow, which came out Down Under late last year.

We could go on and on, but I’ve danced about architecture enough for one day, so you may as well stream Oldham and Hart singing “Little Bridges” on MySpace here and get on with it.