Wilco Unveil U.S. Tour, Haiku Winner, Jeff Tweedy’s Mavis Staples Project

WilcoWe’re not usually eager to post tour date news, but in a recent release about Wilco’s U.S. tour, Tweedy[’s publicist] buried the lede! The Wilco frontman is set to produce a new album by the legendary Mavis Staples. (CafĂ©) Wha?!

According to an “oh yeah, and” at the end of the article “Wilco extends 2010 tour plans,” Staples is recording with Tweedy at Wilco’s Chicago recording studio, aka The Wilco Loft, a place once profiled by preeminent lofts magazine LoftLife. What’s more, Tweedy and Staples have enlisted Nora O’Connor and Kelly Hogan (from Neko Case’s band) to collaborate on the album, which will be released sometime this year on Case and Staples’ label, Anti-.

For Wilco tickets and tour dates go here.

Oh yeah, and remember that Wilco haiku contest we told you about? Some bro named Paul Kimball won with the following:

Like unruly chefs,
Wilco shares their greatest gift-
a communal feast.

First and second place runners-up are thataway.