Varg Vikernes to Donate Burzum Album Proceeds to Haiti

Given that convicted murderer/Norwegian black metal star Varg Vikernes has been involved in or espoused dozens of controversies, from penning a creepily-nuanced position on Nazism to burning down three churches to, uh, murdering his rival, the most shocking thing the guy could do is be a normal, decent human being. Not sure if this is just a publicity stunt or not, but it’s a charitable one at best…

According to a relatively obscure press release from his record label, Byelobog Productions, Vikernes’ band Burzum will donate proceeds from the forthcoming album, Belus, to benefit the victims of Haiti’s devastating earthquake in January. The album, which “explores themes of Apollonian moral purity” (?), marks Vikernes’ first release since spending 16 years in prison for murder and arson.

Fair enough, but then it gets weirder: Vikernes contributed this quote to the announcement (emphasis mine):

Black metal is not a label I use for my music any longer. It was the dark, the Dionysiac, and that is a force no man can control. Instead, I pursue the pure and honorable, which includes racial purity for Norwegians, and helping those who suffer misfortunes in life.

Now, I’m not saying he doesn’t mean well or that this is a bogus charity, but thank god there are other ways to give to Haiti.