Listen/Watch: The Dead Weather – “Gasoline”

Hopefully by now you’ve heard about the Dead Weather’s face-melting live show (or witnessed one for yourself), so we’ll take a break from raving about our favorite new bona fide rock star, Alison Mosshart. In the meantime, I can’t think of a better showcase for the respective talents of all four Dead Weather members than this studio version of “Gasoline.”

Though a stream of the latest single from their new album, Sea of Cowards, first hit the Internets last week, we now have an official music video (sorta) for the tune, as well. Dean Fertita is the group’s unsung hero, I’d say, so take note of his skills behind the keys here. Also, White Stripes and Raconteurs fans should enjoy Jack White’s blistering, octave pedal-effected guitar solo, as it recalls some of the standout work from his electric guitar-strapped past (“Blue Veins,” “Broken Boy Soldiers,” “Seven Nation Army,” et al.).

I said “sorta” above because there isn’t much going on in this clip (“Die By the Drop” was more of a traditional music video), but if you’re as mesmerized by Mosshart as we are (wait, I said we’d stop raving!), then watching her exhale a perpetual stream of spooky smoke to the tune will be well-worth three minutes of your time. Check it out below: