Jack White and Jay-Z to Reconvene in Nashville

As far as rap/rock collaborations go, I’d be hard-pressed to come up with a more exciting combo than Jack White and Jay-Z. We know that the pair have at least one song in the can, but with all that kinetic creative energy White described from their session in NYC, are they plotting something more (album, EP)? Perhaps.

“I would love to,” White told Times Online about a possible LP. “If we can find the time.” Those exciting pull-quotes are preceded, however, by an even more intriguing bit from interviewer Craig McClean which states that White and Hova are set to reconvene “in a few weeks” at the Third Man record shop/studio/headquarters in Nashville.

Great news, of course, though that wasn’t the only potential future collaboration White discussed in the Q&A…

“It’s hard to talk about,” White said about an oft-rumored album he might be plotting with his friend the great Bob Dylan. Later, he simply adds, “I can’t say.” Frankly, that’s enough speculation on that subject for me as I’d rather not dilute the surprise if/when the epic project comes to light.

Finally, as CoS notes, White revealed that he and Meg White have been in communication, and the door is wide open for a new White Stripes record. Bring it on, Three Quid!