Patrick Wolf Sings Beethoven Folk Songs (Videos)

Last night in London, Patrick Wolf and 11 other contemporary and classical singers performed songs from Ludwig van Beethoven’s collection of folk songs for a charity concert at The Flowerpot in Camden. Accompanied by only piano and violin, Wolf pushed his vocal range to the limit with impressive renditions of “On the Massacre of Glencoe” and “The Soldier’s Dream,” both written circa 1810-1812. Footage of the performance is after the jump (via the Music Slut).

In other lycanthropic news, Wolf revealed on Twitter that the first single off his new album —  which he revealed to be in the finishing stages back in May is being mixed today. “[F]irst birth of the album,” he added. “Super exciting times.”

Check out Wolf’s Beethoven covers below, and get more details on his selections here and here (lyrics):