Tim Kasher Solo Album on the Way: The Game of Monogamy

July 9, 2010

In addition to penning the score of director David Lee Miller’s “self-inflicted comedy,” My Suicide, Cursive frontman Tim Kasher has set his The Good Life moniker aside for an eponymous debut, which he hopes to release and tour behind this fall. “It’s a pop record for the most part,” Kasher told Las Vegas Weekly in the spring, “but the response I’ve been getting is that it’s also maybe some of the nastier lyrics I’ve written. It’s a little bit unkind. It’s called The Game of Monogamy and it’s a little unapologetic.”

Though further details on the release have not yet been revealed (see below), Kasher has been performing the songs at random solo outings over the past year—many of which are available on YouTube with varying degrees of quality. Meanwhile, Kasher is scheduled to play a solo show at Chicago’s Tonic Room later this month, as well as a benefit concert/rally with Cursive, Desaparecidos, and Lullaby for the Working Class in Omaha. If you’re eager for a preview, though, here’s some nice footage of Kasher playing a new tune at a house show in Chicago back in February:

**Update: The album cover, tracklist, and release date (October 5 via Saddle Creek) have been unveiled:

01 Monogamy Overture
02 A Grown Man
03 I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here
04 Strays
05 Cold Love
06 Surprise, Surprise
07 There Must Be Something I’ve Lost
08 Bad, Bad Dreams
09 No Fireworks
10 The Prodigal Husband
11 Monogamy

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