Tom Waits and Anton Corbijn Prep Photo/Lyric Book

Photographer/director Anton Corbijn and our hero Tom Waits were originally set to unleash Waits/Corbijn – Photographs 1977-2010 about a year ago, but the scheduled release date was delayed… until next month. The good news, though, is that their 220-page, 30-year spanning effort has become even more epic in the meantime: What was once described as simply a collection of portraits adorned by lyrics from the Waits songbook now includes a 48-page spread of words and images by Waits himself, in addition to around 200 Corbijn-shot portraits. In other words: Best coffee table book ever.

Check out a preview (including a link to pre-order Waits/Corbijn for the current October 29 release date) over at Corbijn’s site — where the director of forthcoming George Clooney-starring thriller The American is also peddling hardcovers on that film, Ian Curtis biopic Control, U2, and more. By the way, still no update on Corbijn documentary Shadow Play, save for the teaser trailer embedded below: