Blue Valentine Trailer: Ryan Gosling Sings “You Always Hurt the One You Love”

In addition to compositions by Grizzly Bear, director Derek Cianfrance’s new Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams-starring romantic drama, Blue Valentine, includes at least one more notable music moment, not to mention the “Our Own Song” scene. As shown above in the trailer unveiled today, the Dead Man’s Bones frontman’s character, Dean, serenades Williams as Cindy with a ukulele-backed rendition of the classic hit song “You Always Hurt the One You Love.”

The Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher-penned tune was first a #1 hit for the Mills Brothers back in 1944, but it sounds like Gosling is channeling the Carl Grayson-sung part of Spike Jones’ chart-topping version here. The original can be heard below.

Spike Jones, Carl Grayson, Red Ingle, Orville Jones

The Mills Brothers