Nine Inch Nails Announce Pretty Hate Machine Reissue

Pretty Hate Machine ReissueAfter years of record label limbo, a few publishing firm acquisitions, going out of print, and general music industry WTFery, Nine Inch Nails’ 1989 debut will be reissued on November 22, complete with remastering from the original mixes by Trent Reznor and engineer Tom Baker for “a greatly improved sonic experience.” Reznor himself announced the Pretty Hate Machine reissue on yesterday:

It’s been an interesting trip watching the fate of this record float from one set of hands to another (a long and depressing story) but it’s finally wound up in friendly territory, allowing us to polish it up a bit and present it to you now. We had fun revisiting this old friend, hope you enjoy.

In addition to updated mastering, longtime NIN collaborator/artist Rob Sheridan has reinterpreted Gary Talpas’ original album art (shown above).

*Update* Stream the reissue here.