David Lynch Releases Solo Singles: “Good Day Today” + “I Know”

Though filmmaker/painter/furniture designer David Lynch has been composing and releasing music for years in various collaborative efforts — often with composer Angelo Badalamenti and more recently on Sparklehorse/Danger Mouse’s Dark Night of the Soul project — his latest foray is a bit different: “Good Day Today” and “I Know,” a pair of electro-pop solo singles featuring Lynch himself on vocals, are set for digital release tomorrow via Sunday Best.

“I’ve always loved sounds and so I built a studio where I can experiment with sound, and gradually I started experimenting with music,” Lynch told The Guardian (via @drownedinsound). In the streaming audio posted of Alexandra Topping’s phone chat with Lynch, he reveals that more music is likely on the way following these debut solo singles, as he is building a new website to showcase his work in the medium to be hopefully launched later this year.

Hear the catchy, gunshot-sampling tune “Good Day Today” as it plays over the interview here. Also, one of Lynch’s previous rare turns as lead vocalist, “Dark Night of the Soul,” is below. *Update: Sunday Best have uploaded the full single, which is streaming after the jump, as well:

David Lynch – “Good Day Today”

David Lynch, Sparklehorse, and Danger Mouse – “Dark Night of the Soul”