Jeff Tweedy Stage Banter Video Collection

While Jeff Tweedy’s now-infamous interpretation of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” might be my favorite stage banter moment ever, I’ve found that really any playful repartee from the Wilco frontman is a good time. If bootlegs for every Tweedy show were readily available, we’d have a slew of examples, but fortunately, there are quite a few excellent pieces of YouTube footage that satisfy the urge to enjoy his onstage storytelling, wit, and audience interaction in the meantime.

A collection of my favorite Tweedy stage banter clips found online — including his story about meeting former Uncle Tupelo bandmate Jay Farrar for the first time in 10 years, scolding the crowd for talking, recounting the moment that led to “Tweedy Attacks Fan” headlines, “Single Ladies,” and his funny description about what it’s like to be married to him — is below…

Tweedy reacts to the statement, “I’ll still marry you, Jeff.”

“People who are talking…”

Running Into Jay Farrar on a Beach in Mexico

“Tweedy Attacks Fan”

“Single Ladies” (Spoken Word Version)