Blue Valentine Soundtrack: Grizzly Bear, Dirtbombs, Ryan Gosling, More

In addition to featuring at least one pivotal music-based scene, director Derek Cianfrance’s Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams-starring romantic drama, Blue Valentine, boasts an impressive soundtrack, made up mostly of previously released songs and new instrumental compositions by Grizzly Bear, as we first reported last year.

Not only do 8 songs with vocals from the Brooklyn quartet appear “in all of the scenes of Dean & Cindy falling in love,” but — according to the film’s Australian website — 2 new, non-Dead Man’s Bones compositions by Gosling, a Matt Sweeney/Björn Yttling (of Peter Björn and John) song, Department of Eagles’ “In Ear Park,” and other tunes appear in the movie, as well. Penny and the Quarters’ stunning “You and Me” has been dubbed “Dean and Cindy’s Song” by the filmmakers.

*Update: The Blue Valentine OST will be released on February 1 of next year. Check out the full list of music from the film and hear “You and Me” below:

Blue Valentine Songs

Grizzly Bear
“Easier” (Yellow House)
“Dory” (Veckatimist)
“Foreground” (Veckatimist)
“Granny Diner” (Friend Ep)
“Lullabye” (Yellow House)
“I Live With You” (Veckatimist)
“Alligator” (Choir Version) (Friend Ep)
“Shift “(Alternate Version) (Friend Ep)

Dept Of Eagles
“In Ear Park”

Matt Sweeney w/ Björn Yttling
“North Haven”

Matt Sweeney, Peter Raeburn, Nick Foster
“At The Drop Of The Day”

The Platters
“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”

Ryan Gosling
“Unicorn Tears”
“Smoking Gun, Bleeding Knives”
“You Always Hurt The Ones You Love”

The Dirtbombs
“I Can’t Stop Thinking About It”

Pat Benatar
“We Belong”

Penny and the Quarters
“You and Me”