Download: M.I.A. – “Vicki Leekx”

We’re but mere hours away from the end of 2010, but M.I.A. — one of this year’s most controversial personalities and undoubtedly pioneering artists — has a few more jams to unleash before the ball drops. Enter December’s biggest headline fodder: WikiLeaks. It seems that Maya, aka // / Y /, won’t be letting Bono and Clapton (trend on Google) steal the Assange show alone, as she just invoked the movement with 36 fun minutes of unreleased material for a free mixtape dubbed Vicki Leekx (that’s ViCKi LEEKX in Maya caps).

Stereogum’s solid defense of her latest LP aside, we’re still not feeling the record as a whole around here, but this is a welcome go at saving face post-Trufflegate nontroversy, I’d say. M.I.A. has a lot to say, sure, but I for one am still listening. Check out the album art and download the New Year’s mix in exchange for an email address below: