Hear New Mountain Goats Song, “Tyler Lambert’s Grave”

The Mountain Goats announced the forthcoming release of their latest LP, All Eternals Deck, just last week, and now John Darnielle has taken to Twitter to share a poignant and beautifully sad non-album cut from the sessions: “Tyler Lambert’s Grave,” his lonely piano-backed ode to — presumably — actress Dana Plato’s son who committed suicide at only 25 years old in May, days before the 11th anniversary of his own mother’s untimely death.

“This song was written last summer, I recorded piano and voice and then sent it to the amazing Leanne Zacharias for strings,” Darnielle said. “I am super fond of it but it does not really fit into the All Eternals Deck. Just a much different mood.” As you could imagine, said “mood” is a bit depressing, so bear that in mind before downloading “Tyler Lambert’s Grave” here or streaming it below:

The Mountain Goats – “Tyler Lambert’s Grave”