Natasha Khan – “Up In Flames” (Lynch/Badalamenti Cover)

In honor of the week that brought us two electropop solo singles from David Lynch, I’d be remiss in not sharing this amazing cover of a Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti-penned tune by Bat for Lashes’ Natasha Khan (with a little help from Jools Holland and his band) we stumbled upon while revisiting the director’s musical oeuvre. “Up In flames” first appeared in (and was presumably written for) Lynch’s 1990 film Wild At Heart, performed during the opening credits by KoKo Taylor, aka the “Queen of the Blues.” While the original version seems perfectly mysterious enough as-is, it comes as no surprise to hear that Khan — a proven master of the art of covering famous songs — has knocked this one out of the park, as well. Hear her 2009 version above.