Videos: Lykke Li Debuts ‘Wounded Rhymes’ Songs Live

Lykke Li’s sophomore record, Wounded Rhymes, doesn’t arrive until March 1 of next year, but the Swedish pop singer has not only debuted the first single, “Get Some,” as both a free MP3 and music video, but she’s also begun testing out new material for live audiences. Following a few concerts last month in Europe and last night’s gig at New York City’s Le Poisson Rouge, some decent footage of Li performing new tunes, such as “I Follow Rivers,” “Rich Kid Blues,””Love Out of Lust,” “Jerome,” and “Get Some,” has hit the Web. Check out some of the better videos floating around, as well as the Wounded Rhymes tracklist, below:

Wounded Rhymes

01 Youth Knows No Pain
02 I Follow Rivers
03 Love Out of Lust
04 Unrequited Love
05 Get Some
06 Rich Kid Blues
07 Sadness Is a Blessing
08 I Know Places
09 Ladies Love
10 Jerome
11 Silent My Song

“Love Out of Lust”

“Rich Kid Blues”

“I Follow Rivers”

“Get Some”