Hear Radiohead Cover 5 Neil Young Songs

neil young radioheadWhile watching Thom Yorke discuss his longtime obsession with Neil Young tonight (via a chat with the BBC from a few years back), I got to thinking about Radiohead’s surprise cover of After the Gold Rush cut “Tell Me Why” at the Hollywood Bowl in 2008, as well as Yorke’s multiple performances of the title track off that 1970 classic record, beginning with his 2002 Bridge School Benefit rendition mentioned in the Q&A. As it turns out, though, there are 3 more Young songs that Yorke has applied his similarly high-register vocal range to with Radiohead over the years, and, fortunately, listenable clips are readily available. So I can’t help but share multiple versions of one of my favorite bands of all time covering 5 timeless tunes by one of my favorite solo artists of all time below (alongside the aforementioned interview):

“Tell Me Why” (Starts @ 1:00)

“On the Beach”

“After the Gold Rush”/”Everything in Its Right Place” (2003)

“After the Gold Rush” (2003 @ Electric Lady Studios)

“After the Gold Rush” (2002, Yorke Solo @ Bridge School Benefit w/Young’s piano from the original recording)

“Down By the River”

“Cinnamon Girl”

Thom Yorke Interview