Sufjan Stevens Collaborates w/ Gaspar Claus, Performs at Sydney Opera House

February 16, 2011

Folks like Jonny Greenwood and Trent Reznor better guard their film scoring game as I’m just one listen in to Sufjan Stevens’ moody, experimental soundscapes with Gaspar Claus and this 30-minute collection is just begging to complement a movie project. As La Blogotheque points out, the pair composed, improvised, and recorded three lengthy tracks, wonderfully titled “Alien Vs. Predator”, “Invalid skin”, and “Romance Cave”, last year. Now Claus has uploaded the entire set to for all to enjoy and stream here.

In other Sufjan news, the Sydney Opera House are offering an excellent consolation prize to those that missed out on recent Age of Adz tour dates: 3 professionally filmed videos of his performance at the Sydney Festival. Watch the HQ footage here (via Pitchfork) or preview the YouTube version of Sufjan and friends playing “Too Much” below:

That’s right, now you can watch Nathan Followill eloquently muse on how KoL’s hit song “Sex on Fire” evolved from “Set Us on Fire” to “Socks on Fire” to its final incarnation (true story) for a pre-taped live performance! All kidding aside, I am looking forward to catching Death Cab, MMJ, and — the shyest of the bunch — Ray LaMontagne’s episodes

According to the press release, the new season of Storytellers will begin airing in May.

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