Stream: New Sondre Lerche – “Domino”

Complete with a gorgeously chaotic guitar-driven coda that could feel at home on a Wilco record, jazz-infused pop vocal play, a heartbeat/kick drum-punctuated bridge, and handful of hummable hooks, Sondre Lerche’s “Domino” — our first taste of his forthcoming self-titled sixth LP (due out on June 7) — is my favorite new jam of the week. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the record and to possibly hear this gem live next week.

You can preview Lerche’s fabulous “Domino” below, the album cover art above, and the official Sondre Lerche tracklist after the jump:


Sondre Lerche

01 Ricochet
02 Private Caller
03 Red Flags
04 Go Right Ahead
05 Coliseum Town
06 Never Mind The Typos
07 Domino
08 Living Dangerously
09 “Tied Up To The Tide”
10 “When The River”