Videos: PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

In promotion of her latest album, Let England Shake, PJ Harvey found a clever way to keep fans talking each week following the wonderfully odd LP’s initial release: music videos for each track, in which director Seamus Murphy incorporated his own “visual diary” of England with “real and spontaneous situations” starring Harvey herself. Now — two months since the full-length’s Valentine’s Day arrival — we’re but 3 clips away from a full set. Rather than post a new one every other day, I thought it best to collect the visual experience of LES below. Enjoy 9 new Harvey videos (and check back for updates as the last few hit the web shortly):

Let England Shake

The Last Living Rose

The Glorious Land

The Words That Maketh Murder

All And Everyone

On Battleship Hill


In The Dark Places

Bitter Branches

Hanging In The Wire

Written On The Forehead

The Colour Of The Earth