Wilco Announce Debut dBpm Records Single: “I Might”

Wilco I MightOur first listen to new studio material from Wilco will arrive this summer, as the band announced today that the debut release from their very own label, dBpm Records, will arrive on 7” vinyl featuring their latest single, “I Might,” on the A-side, appropriately backed by a cover of Nick Lowe’s “I Love My Label.” According to Wilco’s official Facebook page, the single will be first sold at their Solid Sound Festival in North Adams, Massachusetts from June 24-26. The new tunes will be released “to the rest of the world” — presumably in a digital format — on a to-be-announced date the following month.

Glad to hear that Jeff Tweedy and the boys are keeping to their promise of a new LP this year so far. In the meantime, you can grab tickets to Solid Sound here, or hear Tweedy unveil new songs live here and here.

*Update* This evening, Spin posted a new interview with Tweedy, in which he offers some details on how the album is coming along. Key bullet points:

  • Wilco have recorded 20 tracks and are “pretty far along.”
  • LP8 might become a double-disc effort titled Get Well Soon Everybody.
  • New material varies between “experimental-leaning rock” and “cinematic-sounding country music.”
  • “Art of Almost” begins as “a free-form jam, punctuated with burbling synths, mellotrons, and tribal drums. It swells into a punk-ish coda, with virtuosic, fuzzed-out guitar shredding…”
  • There’s a 14-minute, 10-verse song called “Song for Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend.”
  • “Born Alone,” the tune we heard unveiled live, might be on the record.
  • Tweedy cites Neil Young’s Tonight’s the Night as inspiration for one cut.