Video: Ryan Adams – “Mansard Roof” (Vampire Weekend Cover)

ryan adams vampire weekendA few weeks ago, Ryan Adams revealed on his Facebook page that he was working on a “totally solo folk version” of Vampire Weekend’s self-titled debut LP, “if for no other reason than to make my pal Ezra [Koenig] fully realize how insanely important all their songs are to the integrity of mankind.” While he added that a copy of the 4-track cassette recording would only be given to Koenig, a preview of sorts arrived last night in the form of the solo webcam performance of “Mansard Roof” above.

“I do it no justice but I love it,” reads the caption. “I sung it imagining being on a beach made of diamonds with a darkened night sky full of twinkling sand.”

Update: Here are tracks #2 & #3 (all clips after the cut):

“Oxford Comma”


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