Jeff, Sam, & Spencer Tweedy Are The Raccoonists

While we wait for the next Wilco record, The Whole Love, to arrive next month, Jeff Tweedy has a few side projects to share via a new collaborative 7” with Deerhoof dubbed Behold A Raccoon in the Darkness. On the A-side, Tweedy leads the San Francisco quartet through a new version of Deerhoof Vs. Evil cut “Behold a Marvel in the Darkness.” In more surprising news, Tweedy has teamed up with sons Spencer and Sam to form a new experimental trio: the Raccoonists. More songs are said to be on the way (so keep an eye on their new Tumblr for updates), but the first preview is here in the form of garage-rock B-side “Own It.” You can purchase both singles here and check out the Raccoonists’ debut above.