Bonnie “Prince” Billy Wolfroy Goes to Town LP Announced

Bonnie Prince Billy Wolfroy Goes to TownAs it turns out, our favorite Merle Haggard fan, Will Oldham, does have a new LP on the way after all: Wolfroy Goes to Town, the forthcoming 10-track set features Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s excellent recent touring band of Ben Boye, Van Campbell, Shahzad Ismaily, Emmett Kelly, Danny Kiely, and Angel Olsen. (This lineup put on one of the best intimate shows I’ve ever seen last year at a 200-capacity chapel.)

The LP, which is due out via Drag City on October 4, dons the cover art above and tracklist below. One new tune can be previewed in a live clip after the jump as well. Update: “Quail and Dumplings” Official.

Wolfroy Goes To Town

01. “No Match”
02. “New Whaling”
03. “Time To Be Clear”
04. “New Tibet”
05. “Black Captain”
06. “Cows”
07. “There Will Be Spring”
8. “Quail and Dumplings”
09. “We Are Unhappy”
10. “Night Noises”