Jason Molina Asks for Donations to Medical Fund

Songs: Ohia/Magnolia Electric Co.’s Jason Molina has been out of the public eye ever since a string of tour dates were canceled for unspecified health reasons back in 2009. While little was known about his whereabouts over the past two years, today his label, Secretly Canadian, shared a note from the Molina family, revealing that he has “been in and out of rehab facilities and hospitals in England, Chicago, Indianapolis, and New Orleans.” The letter adds: “Although no one can be sure what the future holds, we feel very encouraged by the recent steps Jason has taken on the road towards becoming healthy and productive once again.”

As a result of being uninsured while in treatment, Molina is now facing financial hardship as well, leading his family to start the “Jason Molina Medical Fund” for donations toward paying off his medical bills. Support for the recovery of one of our favorite singer-songwriters can be sent via PayPal here or by mailing funds to an address in West Virginia where Molina is currently working on a farm while preparing to get back in action musically. For the address — where you can also write well-wishes directly to Molina — and more info go here.