Steve Jobs’ Favorite Bob Dylan Song

Not that we need an excuse to revisit a Dylan classic, but here’s one nonetheless: Walter Isaacson’s new bio on the late beloved Apple CEO Steve Jobs contains a number of intriguing details about the digital music pioneer’s obsession with Bob Dylan — from the fact that Jobs and co-founder Steve Wozniak first bonded over Dylan bootlegs to his romance with Joan Baez in the early 1980s. The pair even met on a couple occasions, once for a two-hour discussion and again backstage at a concert, in which Jobs revealed that The Times They Are A-Changin’ ballad “One Too Many Mornings” was his favorite cut from the Dylan canon. The poet laureate of rock took that as a request and performed the tune at the show.

Rolling Stone has quotes and other musical highlights from the book to peruse while we take two versions — the original and a Johnny Cash duet recording — of Jobs’ excellent pick for another spin above/below.