Built to Spill, J Mascis Record Electronic Dinosaur Jr. Project

On Doug Martsch and Brett Nelson’s inaugural release as the Electronic Anthology Project, the Built to Spill duo took on music by their own band, re-recording popular BTS tunes in an ’80s electro-pop style. The result was both an oddly appealing experiment and entertaining way to deconstruct the guitar-driven work for which they’re better known. Now EAP is back with perhaps the best indie-rock guitarist ever in tow: J Mascis and Nelson have teamed up to electrify the Dinosaur Jr. catalog with Mascis providing lead vocals on a new set due out April 21 for Record Store Day.

While a digital version will likely become available, à la the Built to Spill release, copies of the eponymous Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr. will be limited to 500, pressed on (Mascis’ favorite color) purple vinyl.

For a taste of what’s to come, or if you missed their laudable 2010 effort, revisit Martsch’s work on lead vox for “Eels” — aka “Else” — here or below: