Willy Mason: “Restless Fugitive”

Willy Mason Restless FugitiveWilly Mason may have shed the folk lining of his first two records a bit here — teaming up with Hot Chip/CSS/M.I.A. producer Dan Carey for the follow-up to 2007’s If the Ocean Gets Rough — but the Martha’s Vineyard songwriter remains a seeker. On this year’s as-yet-untitled effort, Mason explored “growing up and trying to find one’s place,” he said, adding that it’s “the third and final chapter to a particular narrative” began on his debut. Given Mason’s fine duet with Isobel Campbell, other notable recent collaborations, and this promising world-weary march, it seems he’s carved out a compelling path over the 5-year LP lull. Check out “Restless Fugitive” above and grab the MP3 here.