Watch: Thom Yorke Talks Neil Young

Neil Young’s influence on Radiohead is widely known, given that they’ve mined the folk-rock icon’s catalog for covers more than any other artist in their 27-year history. And aside from many mentions of R.E.M., Thom Yorke hasn’t spoken out much about the records that have had the greatest impact on his work over the years. In a 2008 interview with the BBC’s Mark Cooper, however, Yorke sat down to discuss only Young for over 30 minutes, ruminating on his uninhibited approach to songwriting, his favorite LPs, meeting the man himself before a 2002 performance for the Bridge School Benefit, and much more. Last year, we shared two short clips from that interview — the only portion available at the time — along with a roundup of the five best live recordings from Radiohead’s Young homages.

Now, thanks to a fan, Yorke’s full chat has been approved by the BBC and the band’s management to enjoy unedited. (As it turns out, we share a common favorite Young release, 1991’s Weld!) Arriving right on the heels of an “After the Gold Rush” teaser at Coachella, the timing is perfect to revisit this awesome glimpse into Yorke’s favorite songwriter. Check it out above.