Wild Flag Cover Fugazi + Carrie Brownstein Memoir News

We’ve known that Carrie Brownstein, Janet Weiss, Mary Timony, and Rebecca Cole can filter rock royalty through their own brand of post-punk¬†frenzy ever since they debuted a number of impressive covers live last year. (Most notably to these ears, their take on Patti Smith’s “Ask the Angels” remains a 2011 standout in the covers department.) Now the quartet have added another tune to the setlist: Fugazi’s “Margin Walker,” a 1989 cut they unveiled in Boston, MA last night, shown in all its take-no-prisoners glory via the shaky clip below:

Meanwhile, Wild Flag/Sleater-Kinney co-frontwoman Carrie Brownstein has added a forthcoming literary effort to her growing resum√© of varied projects: a memoir. According to The New York Times, Brownstein is writing an autobiographical book on her life in music for Penguin Group imprint Riverhead. While no title or date is available as of yet, both her status as one of the best rock musicians alive and her insightful music writing for NPR during S-K’s ongoing hiatus have landed this project atop our anticipated reading list (as soon as I finally finish Keith Richards’ 550-page behemoth).