Will Oldham Announces Reissue LPs, Albini-Produced EP

After years of being asked in nearly every interview about the motive behind his changing moniker in the ’90s, Will Oldham is ready to squash the discussion once and for all by reissuing six early records, renaming 1996’s brilliantly stark, Steve Albini-produced Arise Therefore and 1997’s Joya under the “now stable” moniker Bonnie “Prince” Billy. Along with other Oldham essentials — I See A Darkness, Ease Down the Road, Master and Everyone, etc. — Domino Records will release a new EP from Bonnie this summer: Now Here’s My Plan, another Albini-recorded set featuring his most recent backing band. That 6-track release of re-recorded classics, such as “No Gold Digger” and “Beast For Thee,” will also come bundled with a book of conversations with Alan Licht, aptly titled given recent name changes, Will Oldham on Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.

After the jump, revisit Arise Therefore‘s “Stablemate” alongside the forthcoming EP tracklist and reissue lineup:

Now Here’s My Plan EP Tracklist – July 24th

01. “I Don’t Belong to Anyone”
02. “Beast for Thee”
03. “No Gold Digger”
4. “After I Made Love to You”
5. “I See A Darkness”
06. “Three Questions”

Reissue LPs – July 30th

Arise Therefore
I See A Darkness
Ease Down The Road
Master and Everyone
Greatest Palace Music