Angel Olsen Goes ‘Half Way Home’

Angel Olsen Half Way HomeJust last night at a screening for Bill Callahan’s new tour doc, Apocalypse, I was telling a friend there’s hope Angel Olsen found a moment amid Will Oldham tours to follow up her incredible Strange Cacti LP when, lo and behold, the LP2 announcement is here: Half Way Home, Olsen’s sophomore album, arrives on September 4th via Bathetic Records. Along with longtime collaborator Emmett Kelly assisting on production and performance, the 11-track set features guest vocals from Jeff Harms and Sam Wagster. Here’s Olsen talking about the album:

I couldn’t say it’s about love lost or found or whatever. It’s about many things, things that have happened to me, feelings I’ve had. Situations that have occurred to some I know. I think no matter how stable I am I will always be searching, I guess that’s what this album is about. The endless searching, the fruitless waiting, the idea of a home that is inside yourself.

Between the last effort, live performances and a new original’s debut in March, I’m already sold, but today brings a stream of closing track “Tiniest Seed” that should seal the deal in full. Preview the cut below and tracklist after the jump:

“Tiniest Seed”

Half Way Home Tracklist

A1. “Acrobat”
A2. “The Waiting”
A3. “Safe In The Womb”
A4. “Lonely Universe”
A5. “Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow”

B1. “Always Half Strange”
B2. “You Are Song”
B3. “Miranda”
B4. “The Sky Opened Up”
B5. “Free”
B6. “Tiniest Seed”