The Staves and Keaton Henson: “Icarus”

The Staves Keaton HensonIt’s been a year since we were first introduced to The Staves, but nowadays their reputation for having some of the best harmonies in British folk precedes them. These hushed, well-woven tunes aren’t limited to the trio, though, as January brought an impressive live session¬†with guest Fionn Regan and now comes a studio cut featuring singer-songwriter Keaton Henson, whose 2012 debut is worth checking out as well. 24B pal Daverawkblog sent this over at 5AM today and it only took a few seconds to hear why it might make for the perfect pre-dawn soundtrack. Watch the whole group sounding greater than the sum of its parts at State of the Ark studios¬†above, or grab a free MP3 here.