Frightened Rabbit: Boxing Night

Frightened Rabbit Boxing NightIt took 6 years for Scott Hutchison to find a chorus worthy of what he says began as “a dull, one-dimensional run through a bleak night [he] had one winter,” but Frightened Rabbit finally opened up other dimensions to “Boxing Night” during a writing session last year at the Scottish Borders. The Selkirk quintet have been giving us a glimpse into the process behind their next full-length album since “Scottish Winds” from that session, and this one’s no different: Today, FR shared both an official studio version, appearing on their new State Hospital EPand a video of Hutchison performing “Boxing Night” unplugged just after it approached its final stage. While not all backstories help gain perspective on a tune, this one feels apt given its progression from an innocuous enough night spent drunk and half-naked to weaving a deeper, more introspective path. Also, it’s simply a stirring cut that grows with repeated spins. Check out the studio recording above and early acoustic take below: